Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oblivion in Wine : Bypass Securom

Installing Oblivion under linux wine Ubuntu

Attempting to install oblivion in linux to run under wine causes some problems for me. The problem is securom, or saferom. When you attempt to install oblivion under wine (I am using Ubuntu) the installer fails. We need to find a method to bypass securom so we can use wine to play the game.

Since the install files are ultimately just tucked away inside some cab files, installation without using the actual installer is possible. All you have to do is use a tool called "Unsheild".

Users who are using playonlinux should still be able to use this guide, and install the game. Later use playonlinux to actually run the game.

What you will need to set up Oblivion

You will only need an open terminal and an ISO version of the disk. You could try this method with the DVD itself in the drive.

Mounting the ISO

I had to try this method in my attempt to install oblivion from some ISOs I had saved on my hard drive. What I ended up doing was mounting the ISO to my cdrom mount point:

sudo mount -o loop /path/to/oblivion.iso /media/cdrom

replacing /path/to/oblivion.iso with the path to the actual ISO file.

Setting up Unsheild

Then you need to install "Unsheild"

sudo apt-get install unsheild

Installing Oblivion

Then you run the command to "install" the game

unshield -d /path/to/install/to x /media/cdrom/

replacing /path/to/install/to with the path you wish to install the game. This will extract all the cab contents to the specified folder.

Running the Game

Next we run the game

wine /path/to/install/to/Oblivion/OblivionLauncher.exe


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